Honest, trustworthy advice for the conservative investor.

What is a conservative investor?

We consider it our great fortune that many of our clients are conservative investors. Our investing style centers around income-producing assets—dividend-paying stocks, real estate, and bonds. As such, it’s an excellent fit for those with less tolerance for risk. Nevertheless, being a conservative investor is about more than simply risk tolerance. It typically says a lot about who a person is at heart.

For example, all are great savers. Most have been great savers all their lives. They likely had much of their savings invested in CDs back when CDs paid higher rates of interest. (Some still have significant amounts of money invested in them.) Because of this, they likely have never had a financial advisor. (This was the case for many of our existing clients.)

Conservative investors aren’t concerned with beating the market. They simply want a decent return on their money. They’ll gladly trade some potential upside for stability and safety.

They enjoy people and typically have a great sense of humor. They order house wines even when they can afford more. They’re proud to be frugal, and they love a good bargain.

They’re family-oriented. Married couples are typically both involved in making financial decisions, and both spouses have immense trust for the other.

They stay busy. Many continue to work in retirement, typically at jobs with very little stress. They often have multiple streams of income in retirement—social security, pensions, income from work, and dividends and interest from their investments.

The conservative investors we help have full, fruitful lives. Even if they had the time to manage their money, they would rather have an expert do it. They have better things to do. Nevertheless, when we asked them why they decided to hire us in the first place, they didn’t mention how we manage money or any specific financial knowledge. It was simply trust. And that’s always been our goal: honest, trustworthy advice.

About Steady Returns


Who we are, what we do, and how we’re going to make your life easier.

Who we are

Steady Returns is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) dedicated to the financial needs of conservative investors. We truly love what we do, and our primary desire is for you to be delighted with the service you receive.

What we do

We specialize in finding investments that pay consistent income, i.e. primarily stocks that pay dividends and bonds that pay interest. Our goal is to build safe, stable portfolios that allow you to sleep at night.

How we’re going to make your life easier.

  1. You can talk with your advisor as much as you need.
  2. You’re not going to do any paperwork.
  3. We’ll help you consolidate accounts where possible.
  4. You’ll have online access to a comprehensive view of your investments.
  5. You’ll see all of the activity in all of your accounts in one easy-to-read table.
  6. You’ll receive frequent communications from our team about pertinent financial topics.









Where do I fit in?

As a fiduciary, we must always act in your best interest. As people who care, we wouldn’t have it any other way. You come first. Our interests are always aligned to yours and that’s how we invest.

We don’t get paid commission so we have no incentive to sell specific products to you. Instead, our compensation is a simple fee based on a percentage of the assets we manage on your behalf. This fee is no more than 1.25% and comes directly from your account, making the process easy and transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I’m not going to lose all my money?

This is typically an investor’s biggest fear. Given how hard people work and save, it’s more than understandable.

To answer the question, we use TD Ameritrade Institutional as our preferred custodian. That’s where all of our client assets are held. Thus we don’t hold on to your money. TD does. We simply make the investment choices.

Further, our investment style focuses first and foremost on preserving capital. That means a diversified portfolio of primarily income-paying investments. Our clients can’t stomach large decreases in their investments, so we keep a close eye on them. If prices seem high or there appears to be a significant risk on the horizon, we may very well sell some assets, hold onto more cash, and wait for better opportunities to arise. The great thing about markets is that they fluctuate, which means eventually you’ll be able to take advantage of low prices. We believe that this patient approach pays off in the long run with superior returns, even for investors with a low risk tolerance.

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